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  • New products!!

    Well, Well, Well, after letting Electrical247 do its own thing and bring orders in.. I suppose the “sit back and reap the rewards” mind set came into effect. Then things slowed down… mmm what’s going on? Looking at what we … Continue reading

  • What are downlights?

    Lighting is a necessity in any home, not just so that you can get things done but in order to create a real mood and ambience. One of the most popularly used lights in the home is the downlight but … Continue reading

  • What are some of the advantages LEDs have over conventional light bulbs?

    How far the light bulb has come. For years incandescent bulbs were the only game in town. But in more recent times consumers have seen new choices come along, such as compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). … Continue reading

  • Solar Lighting For Summer

    Solar Lighting For Summer It is officially shorts and t-shirt weather and you may be thinking it is time to lazy around your garden in the evenings and the weekends. However, there always comes a time in the day were … Continue reading